Saturday, September 29, 2012

Beginning with laughable Facebook ads

It has been over a year since I've posted anything on this blog, but I am beginning again. If you wanted to read more of my succulent prose,  I blogged for my thesis at and I blogged for the American Shakespeare Center Summer Camp in the time since writing here. Now I live with two very good friends, and near a truly lovely fiance, and I thought I would write some of the adventures we have, projects we attempt, and things we are thinking.

None of this.
What this blog will not contain a lot of is wedding planning. Facebook now knows that I am engaged, and so the advertisements reflect this. I have ads for "vintage modern wedding photography" which seems both expensive and like a contradiction in terms. "No More Toasters!" an ad for cash wedding registries which is particularly delightful as our apartment has been pining for a toaster for some time and just now, today we have acquired one, and are insanely proud of it. There is an ad for "the white dress diet: this diet was designed for women who want to loose weight fast" which seems insulting. "Find your dream dress at Norstorm Wedding Suite" would be more appealing if my "dream dress" were not being made for me by a magnificent costumer for the ASC. "Classical music creates the ideal atmosphere and makes the perfect statement at your wedding" makes me grateful for all the friends I know who make music with all their hearts and not just to provide atmosphere. "Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses" would be better for a bride planning to have bridesmaids. And the website presenting Romeo and Juliet as just one "inspiring love story," looses me on the word "inspiring." It confuses me a bit, as couples inspired by R & J may not live to be inspired by any other stories, yes? Making Memories and More offers to sell me "unique, fun, affordable wedding accessories, decor and gifts" though even the picture doesn't let me know what those accessories, decor and gifts might be.

Perhaps it is unkind of me to make fun of all these advertisements, but it is such a joy to be at liberty to make my own decisions and not get swept up in the commercialization of the weddings. I'm looking forward to my wedding because I'm looking forward being married, and I'm glad it will be a nice day full of many people we both love. And in the mean time? I'm loving living with good friends and enjoying each day we have together.

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  1. Personally, I am all for mocking these advertisements. I find their strategies kind of fascinating, and it's much easier to see their strategies when they aren't working on you (which isn't to say you can't). You seem to be staying quite strong on the non-wedding-craziness! Good for ya!


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