Wednesday, December 26, 2012

LEGOs. Why mess with a good thing?

I'm looking forward to buying my kids LEGOs. The little bricks so they can build things. Anything they can think of. And I'm a bit ashamed of the LEGO company for their marketing schemes in the last few decades. No imitation Barbie "Friends," no war toy movie knock-offs. Remember the sound of running your fingers through the bins of the LEGO bricks as you looked for just the right piece? Remember the castles? Remember the cities? Remember the inner debates about if we should make a particular tower taller or wider?

If you'd like to watch some incredibly well researched critique of this whole business, here's a couple of posts from Feminist Frequency. She's a little ranty at times, but she raises incredibly telling examples and points out distressing trends in the LEGO industry which sadly cross over into a lot of the marketing for kids.

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