Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pictures of Leiden!

This post is almost entirely pictures. We've had some beautiful weather, so neither of us had to worry about a rain-soaked camera. It's felt really good to be able to zip around on my bike, and we're really starting to love our own city, setting down what feel like roots. But enough talking, here are the pictures!

A shot of some row houses on the way to the thrift store

Ivy strewn design store on the route to buy groceries (Hooglandse Church in the background!)

Same location as the precious shot, just looking street-side

This is the gateway to De Burcht, a fortress on a hill (yes, a hill!) in Leiden

Fantastic coats of arms around the entrance

As a true military fortress, it has little window peep-holes.

Here's one of the views from the top of the fortress, and pretty typical shot of Leiden
I'm getting to know my way around the city, in part by knowing the different steeples, and locating myself by them

And Hooglandse Kerk.

Again, but this time taken with an arm stretched over the wall.

Here I go, back into the city!
If you have questions or things you wish we were saying, let us know, and we'll write about them next week, as well as all the joys we can now experience, because yesterday... (drumroll please)... Owen and I got our very own Dutch Bank cards. Only a month after coming! There may also be tales of the celebrations of the Relief of Leiden, the city's biggest holiday.


  1. We enjoyed the pictures so much! How interesting that there are hills and a fortress. I guess I'm pretty ignorant about Netherlandish geography.
    Congratulations on the bank last!

    1. Hill. Singular. And engineered for strategic purposes. The totally manmade slope is actually a little creepy. :)


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