Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Shower... where?

Hello Friends!

This is just a quick post showing an amusing piece of our lives right now. We are looking for an apartment of our own now, as we need to be out of our current place a month from today, and so we have been to visit two places already this week (quite nice, both of them) and are excited about setting up a home.

Now, it goes without saying that an apartment in The Netherlands, particularly in the city will be either very small or very expensive or both. So we've been looking at apartments with as small as 25m square surface area, and many in the 35-40m arena. And we're pretty excited about the sparse intentional life-style it will promote. However, we are unused to some of the very creative solutions for fitting the most use out of these small spaces. For example, most Dutch apartments have the toilet all by itself in a little closet. So where does the shower go? The washing machine (if the apartment has one) is typically either in a shower room or the kitchen. And... if there is no shower room where does the shower go?

Sometimes the shower is in the kitchen too.

In this one, you can see that the left picture was taken from inside the shower pictured right 
This was an otherwise fancy apartment! Lots of light! Several decent sized rooms!
This last one doesn't even have fuzzy glass! What would you do if you had guests?!
Another post concerning an adventure with windmills coming soon.


  1. Cooking and cleanup after might never get easier than that, though.

    1. I know, right? Owen and I could both wash dishes at the same time! He could work at the sink, and I could wash the pots and pans in the shower! While doing laundry!

      We're still hoping for a more traditional kitchen/shower arrangement because of the whole having guests thing but if we get stuck with this sort of situation, we'd totally make it work.


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