Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The cows say... what? Visiting a farm in the springtime.

Every week I babysit two little kids, and sometimes I tag along with them on adventures like going to the farm. This farm is free, open to the public, and in a park in a residential area just outside of Leiden, and it is complete with a little cafe (I got hot chocolate made with fresh milk), a playground, sinks to wash your hands, and lots of animals. And let me just say, the spring is an excellent time to visit a farm. So many babies.
Giving the donkey some attention
getting some attention from the baby goats!
Ellie wanted to kiss all the animals. We did our best to restrain her.
there was a whole big area where you can just frolic with the goats
They thought the stroller was super yummy
Some babies were too little to go out and play with the bigger goats.
I've never seen these birds in the US
Or this one.
But some animals are familiar, just say different things here. The roosters say "kukuruku"

The sheep and goats say "maa"

And in the Netherlands the cows say "boo." In Germany and Italy they say "moo" so I'm pretty sure it's just a Dutch thing. 


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