Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Finger Puppet Shakespeare

Partway through gradschool I got the idea to do finger puppet productions of Shakespeare's plays and put them up on YouTube. Originally it was to produce politically edgy productions on a comically small scale, but it morphed into plot summaries with puppets to make it easier to take in and understand. My hope is that these videos will be fun enough to watch that people (even people not interested in Shakespeare) will enjoy them, and solid enough in their content that they'll also be helpful to teachers and students.

It's taken me a while but I have managed to make it happen, because I originally had very grand ideas of sets and props and elaborate puppets, but I kept paring it down to the essentials, and finally got a video posted a few weeks ago. They leave a bit to be desired in their quality, but I'm certain this will improve with practice. Today I am posting the third of the series. If you're interested in watching them as they come out, they'll be posted every other Wednesday.

Here are links to the ones I've done so far, Twelfth Night, Macbeth, and The Tempest. Let me know which ones I should do next, what you'd love to see as a part of this, and even criticism of how to make them better. And please, if you like these, or know of someone you think would like them, please share!


  1. Looking forward to WINTER'S TALE!!!! <3

  2. Came here from the Much Ado video on Youtube. LOVE IT. Would you consider making some printables of your puppets to sell on TeachersPayTeachers or some other site? I would have loved to print out some puppets for my kids to cut out & color to use while reading this play. Thanks this is great. :)


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